Welcome to Essence Textile Sourcing

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At Essence Textile Sourcing we manufacture & exporter and sourcing expert of garment for men, women & children’s.

Our company was established since long as a Fashion, Garment manufacturing & exporting and sourcing. Currently our factories comprises a wide production capability, enclosed area of compliance with all necessary machinery and a workforce with skilled people in our team.  Our monthly production capacity is around 300,000 – 500,000 units.

At Essence Textile Sourcing produce garment in the factories who evaluated by BSCI, SEDEX, WRAP, ACCORD & Alliance certified for The Bangladesh Accord & Alliance on Fire, Electrical & Building Safety, and our factory fully compliance facilities,

We produce  Jeans Pants, Twill Chino Pants, Bermuda Shorts, Skirts, Tracksuits, children Clothing bibs and Bodysuits, Vests, Jackets, Swimming shorts, Coverall, Blouses, Dresses, Beach Dresses, Viscose Dresses, Towel Dresses, Velvet Dresses, Skirts, Tunics,  Maternity  Wear,  Extra  Large Sized Clothing, Sports / Casual Wear, Home Wear, Pyjama Sets, Nightgowns, Dressing gowns, Capri Shorts, Boxers, Pullovers, Cardigans and Knitwear’s,

Denim & Non-denim, five pocket, cargo style trousers and shorts for both men, women and children.

For all these groups of products, we can apply different washing, printing, embroidery and piece dye/ garment dye (cool pigment, asudel etc.) techniques.

At Essence Textile Sourcing we produce to order. For us the most important criteria is “quick service”, “quality” and “timely delivery”. We have a young, dynamic, and entrepreneurial management team.

We understand the demands of our customers well, and have the capacity to manufacture quick solutions for them. Right the way from the choice of fabric to product shipment we act with precision and sensitivity to our client’s needs. We’re great at what we do!

For us fashion means;
Infinite Creativity, the Unfathomable Secret of Freedom and the total sum of the Conventional and the Unconventional!

this is our motto !

Please request a price from us! Please send your project and specifications to the email address below. (product image, fabric details – weight, thread information, colour information, printing, embroidery information etc.) and we will quote a price for you. Please visit our catalogue and the products there will give you a good indication of what we’re capable of producing.